Julianne’s Red

I know that I have talked time and time again about red lipsticks, but I have recently found a new obsession. I came across L’oreal’s collection exclusive lipsticks when I was browsing the makeup section at Walmart. Julianne’s Red immediately jumped off the shelf and shouted take me home.

This color is like no other red lipstick I have ever owned. Its a fiery bold red almost bordering on neon. The formula is very moisturizing and it holds up fairly well throughout the day with only a few reapplications. I’m also a sucker for the beautiful matte black packaging.

For just $5.97, this lipstick is an absolute steal! The Collection Exclusive also has a few other shades of red, in case this one isn’t exactly your cup of tea. They are sure to have a color that makes you look and feel fabulous!