Beauty School Babe


At the age of 20, Kaitlyn Danos is taking the cosmetology world by storm. Although she is young, she is headstrong and ambitious to succeed in her field.

Why Cosmetology?

Throughout her life, Kaitlyn was surrounded by glitz and glam. She grew up in dancing, so she was always around people fixing their hair and makeup.

“I always tended to be the person who did hair and makeup for my friends, and I found that I was great at it!”

Kaitlyn told me from there is was a no-brainer that she would go to cosmetology school. While Kaitlyn was in high school she was able to put her hair and makeup skills to the test by helping out her friends before prom and homecoming. She knew that this was something she loved, and it was a career that she wanted to pursue.

Olivia Bourgeois, a high school friend of Kaitlyn, said, “She was always so talented and artistic. Beauty school was the perfect place for Kaitlyn to express her creativity.”

Another friend of Kaitlyn’s, Jenna Hebert, said, “Kaitlyn couldn’t have chosen a more perfect career path!”

Off to Beauty School

Kaitlyn attended Omega Institute of Cosmetology in Houma, Louisiana. She said that she loved being surrounded by a group of people who had the same goals as her.

“Everyone else was just so creative in their own ways,” said Kaitlyn. She said it was a great experience to be able to learn from her peers how to express her creativity. Kaitlyn’s eyes lit up when she started to explain the different dress up days her school had. She said that some weeks would have dress up themes and everyone would show up dressed to the max.

“We had Hawaiian day and it was so elaborate I swear you could have seen Hawaii on top of their heads!” She said dress up days were a fun way that everyone was really allowed to showcase their talents and creativity. To this day Kaitlyn is still able to watch her friends from beauty school grow and learn in the business.

Graduating and Growing Up

Eventually beauty school had to end, and Kaitlyn was fortunate enough to be offered a chair at Accent Salon in Lockport, Louisiana.

“I’ve been here for about a year now and I honestly love every part of it!” Kaitlyn said that every now and then she thinks that the money could be better but she knows that it will take some time to build up a clientele. Kaitlyn says now that she is working she learns more and more every day. She loves being part of something that is always changing and growing.