Why Do You Makeup?

Every day in your life people are going to try to dictate what you should or shouldn’t do, even when it comes to the makeup you wear. With celebrities like the Kardashians and new makeup trends like contouring blowing up across the world, society has created this idea that makeup is essentially a lie. It is seen as a way to change the person you are and deceive others, but that is far from true. Makeup can be such a pure form of self-expression. The products that you use can say so much about your personality, and makeup can be an overall confidence booster for so many people. This graphic shows even more how makeup choices can tell you about a person.


When it comes down to it, a lot of people start wearing makeup at a young age for the wrong reasons. They’ll do it just because they feel like they have to do what everyone else is doing, but as you get older makeup can become something beautiful.

The great thing about makeup is that it’s always changing and there is always something new. If you are a person who loves makeup, don’t be afraid to own it! Just by changing the color of your lips, nails, eyeshadow, and sometimes even hair you can show all the little bits that make you into the person you are.

For a long time I rocked red hair. Sadly, I had to kiss it goodbye to let my hair heal, but when it was red I didn’t do it to draw attention. I loved my red hair because it made me feel confident. Just by changing the color of my hair I felt like I could conquer the world.

Dustin Gaspard, a freelance makeup artist knows all about using makeup as a way to express yourself. Dustin uses makeup to show off his bold and colorful personality.

Whether it’s your standard makeup or costume makeup, you have the opportunity to make a statement. The girl who rocks red lips every day doesn’t do it because she feels like she has to, she does it because she wants to! That lipstick is what gives her the extra pep in her step. No one should be afraid to play up their makeup because it truly is an art. Have no fear and paint your lips purple, or hot pink, or nude!

As a society we shouldn’t see makeup as a mask but rather the truest form of expression. I am still confident when I don’t wear makeup because I don’t use it as a crutch. When I wear makeup I do it for myself. I love the look of dark burgundy lips and bright blue nails and shimmering eye shadow, and I don’t choose these products for anyone else. So go out and be bold, be colorful, be fearless, be fabulous!