Get Your Glow

With the summer months fading away and cold weather starting to creep in, I feel like my skin can get a little dull. By now my tan has faded away and that extra glow that the summer sun gives me is gone. Around this time of year is when I like to pull out my illuminator.

I’ve recently began using the NYX Born To Glow Illuminator in the shade sunbeam. I got it at Ulta for $7.49. I’m a bit more on the pale side, so the pinkish tones of this product compliment my skin well. If you are a bit more tan, and have warmer undertones they also offer this product in the shade gleam which is more bronze in color.


I like to apply this products on the tops of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, along my brow bones, on my cupids bow, and on top of my chin. I’ll pretty much apply this where the light would naturally hit my face just to give my skin the glow that it’s missing. The formula is super smooth and easy to blend.

It’s a bit hard to see in pictures, but I promise that in person this product gives your skin just want it needs! I know when the summer comes back around I’ll be buying this product in the shade gleam to go with my tan skin. I won’t give up my fabulous glow!

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